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​​We are proud to offer the following wines and a few more ! 

We previewed our first white wine, "The Girlfriend," at our son's wedding.  This sweet white with hints of  mango was an instant hit and we have had numerous requests for this wine since it's unveiling!  

"Simply Sweet" is a sweet red blend with hints of cherry.  This red wine is best served chilled and is a great "starter" wine for those sweet white wine drinkers slowly moving toward reds.  


"Color Me Cab"-  This is a slightly sweet red blend which we have oaked this time around.  We have done many taste tests on this one, experimenting with various oak chip flavors.  We think we have a winner which offers a slight vanilla oaky flavor  .

Pinot Grigio - made from CA grapes.  This is a light body wine with a very nice floral nose.  Great with fish or white sauce pasta.

 Baraboo Blush -  This sweet blush is sure to be a pleaser.  Offers slight citrus and strawberry undertones.  Take this one to the beach!

Sangiovese - This medium bodied red is ever so slightly oaked with french oak chips. It is pleasantly fruity with an earthy undertone.

​Red wine drinkers will enjoy this one.

Rose of the Bluff - This semi-sweet Rose' offers hints of raspberry as well as cherry.  With it's tart fruitiness and beautiful rose color, it's sure to be a pleaser.

Cloud 9 - An estate semi-sweet blend of a St.Peppin and Prarie Star grape, both grown on site. This wine offers grape and pear-like undertones with a smooth finish.

The Angell -  This has been one of  our best sellers this season.  With hints of pineapple, this tropical flavored wine is perfect for summer picnics or tours on the pontoon boat!  With a tart finish, this wine is refreshing and fun!